With four little ones every day is a bit chaotic. And that's okay. Because somehow I'm able to craft amid the chaos.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reversable Table Cloth

I made this table cloth a couple of years ago for a swap. The patchwork side took quite a bit of time, but I think it turned out great.

Fall Leaves Cross Stitch and Mirror

 This cross stitch was made for a lady in a swap that I participated in. She loves leaves and she loves fall colors so this seemed like it would be perfect.
I found the pattern on the DMC website for use of variegated floss. I simply switched out the colors.

The mirror was for the same swap.It is an IKEA Malma mirror that I painted with acrylics. I took a light gray and painted the mirror and then sponged on a darker gray to give it a mottled look. Then I used stencils to put on the leaves. I had meant to have a red leaf in there, but I misplaced the paint.

March 2009 Baby Shower

In March of 2009 I threw a baby shower for my friend. As part of her gift from me I made receiving blankets (I kept one of the blue for my son).

 I also made cloth wipes as she planned on using cloth diapers and such. Then I used them in the decorations for the shower.
 Here are the wipes made into cupcakes.
 Here are the wipes made into candies.
 The blankets became lollipops.
 I also made a baby sock flower arrangement.
 As part of the food I made chocolate covered strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
And ere is the table all set up.

Pregnant Belly Cake

I made this cake back in March of 2009 for a baby shower. I used a soccer ball cake for the belly and the mini wonder pan from Wilton for the chest. I rolled out white fondant and draped it over the cake, then smoothed and shaped it around the cake. I cut out a brown band of fondant to serve as the tie that many maternity shirts have. Then I took green gel food coloring, mixed it with water, and painted it on the fondant. Finally I cut out four flowers from green fondant for the sleeves and tons of small brown flowers to add embellishment.