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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Sister's Wedding Items

 I made this necklace for my sister's wedding. I'm still debating on whether or not to make matching earrings for it. The design is from "Beaded Allure." It took quite a long time to make, and now that I'm done I realize that the dangle on the bottom is slightly off center. As everything is woven together on string it would be really difficult to change that now, so I hope it won't be too big a deal.

I am a little worried that it is going to be too long though and that it may not work with her dress.
 Having already anticipated that the first necklace may be too long, I made a backup. I found a really neat kit at the store and loved the necklace, so I bought it. I did make a few changes though. Simply switching out the flower color and seed bead color. The kit came with green, so I purchased blue flowers separately, and just used some seed beads I had on hand.

I think it turned out pretty cool, but it too may actually be too long. However, I can simply remove the white flowers from the bottom for the wedding and then replace them after word.
Finally here is a facinator that I made for her to wear in her hair. I made it to go over her birdcage veil (which I also made, but have no pictures of as it really hard to take a picture of a veil not being worn that looks good). I made them separately, so if she didn't want to wear her veil at any time, she could still wear the flowers.

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