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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pillowcase Nightgowns

While surfing the pinterest boards I came across a super easy tutorial from Gingercake on how to make a nightgown from a pillow case. So a few days later when I happened to be at a thrift store, I thought I would go and look at the pillowcases. They were 99 cents so I grabbed three and came on home. 

I made the pink one first because Miss Little's favorite color is of course pink! Also it had a ruffle at the bottom. She saw me with the pillowcases and she tried to steal it for her pillow (despite the fact that her pillow is just a travel size). I promised her I would let her have it after I fixed it. So I proceeded to make up her new nightgown.
You can't see it in the picture (and honestly you can't really see it unless you're looking really closely in real life) but there are darker pink vertical stripes. Also there are darker pink flowers on the ruffle. 

In her tutorial she used a button to close the back, but she suggested also using ties if you preferred. I just happened to have pink single fold bias tape in my stash, so I chose that route for binding the neck and the back and just let it go out to be ties.

Because the first nightgown turned out to be such a hit (she wore it all the next day and wouldn't take it off) I decided to whip up a second one. I happened to have purple double fold bias tape in my stash so I chose to use the yellow pillowcase with purple flowers. It turned out cute, but I think it would be better to use pillowcases without any super noticeable stripes, because you don't have the material to play around and match up stripes.

Because this one lacked the ruffle, I thought I'd dress it up a little by adding a purple ribbon around the bottom of the bodice. As purple is Miss Little's second favorite color she liked this one too. Though, she informed me, the pink is her favorite.

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  1. This is to cute to be just a nighty! I'll have to keep my eye out for pillow cases to make my daughter a few!