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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poppets, My Very First

Over on Craftster an amazing lady ghilie came up with a awesome pattern and freely shared it with anyone who wanted it. It was a doll and she called the dolls poppets. I've now made several and have decided it was time to put them here on my blog. I thought I'd start with my first one.

I was trying to make something completely different, but the fabric I had bought for the skin wasn't quite right, and the joints I was using annoyed me (I was using cheap plastic teddy bear joints), so instead I made Marcelline. 
 Here she is headless and showing off her pink star tattoo, which I had to add to cover a little hole in the fabric.
 This kind of shows how creepy they can look with out hair. I let my daughter (who was 3 at the time) pick her hair. She choose navy blue. I thought that looked a little too plain, so I added streaks to the front.

Finally, here you can see that I didn't stuff her neck enough, and that her hair was too heavy.

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  1. She's beautiful!!! Love the colors you used. Great work..:0)