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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabric Ball, Bean Bags, and Jingle Blocks

"I made this fabric ball for my son. He loves it and chases it around the house. It was actually very simple to make. I found a tutorial at Purl Bee and used the medium pattern. They suggest buying 1/4 a yard of the four different fabrics. If you do this you will probably be able to make several different balls (plus left over fabric is always fun). I only made the one ball, but I plan on making several more with the fabric that is left over from it."

This was my original post from my old blog. The ball is no longer played with as often, though it is still occasionally pulled out, and is now covered  in blue marker. Oh, and I never did get around to making more.

These bean bags were also made for my son. They were a part of his 1st birthday gifts. (As was the ball above.) They are still played with, but a few may be missing.

These jingle blocks were a part of the gifts as well. They are still very much loved (even my 5 month old loves them). They are really simple to make. You just cut out 6 squares of fabric and sew them together into a box (making sure to insert ribbon tags every once and awhile). You want them to be inside out and leave one side unsewn. Then you flip them right side out, stuff with fiberfill, add some jingle bells and stitch it up.

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