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Monday, November 15, 2010

"We Love You Framed Art" Valentines 2009

For Valentine's Day I made a "We Love You" framed art for my in-laws. First I made letters to spell out "we love you." Then I dressed up my two children and put them in different situations and took a picture with each letter so that when you put all the pictures together it spells out "WE LOVE YOU." (My parents were supposed to get a card with the pictures in them because I didn't want to have to mail something so large to them. They got it, it was just very very late.) Then I went and cut fabric into various rectangle shapes and sewed them together. After that was done I glued the pictures down to the fabric, added some ric rac for decoration, and framed it. It turned out really cute and they loved it, which is what really matters.

Their  daddy got something similar, only he got a photo album and his said "We Love You Daddy."

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