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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pink and Black Whimsy Cake

I made this cake back in 2009 for a ward party. I think it has been one of my most successful cake ever (as far as people liking it that is).

It is actually a little more whimsical that it was intended to be. It was supposed to simply be hourglass shaped, but because of one thing or another, it slipped off to be angled as well. Luckily, I loved the effect.
So here is what I did. I baked cake so that I had 4 eight inch rounds and 1 six inch round cake. I took 2 of the 8 inch and cut an inch off the outside leaving them 7 inch rounds. Then I stacked them in this order: 8,7,6,7,8. I put cool whip in between each layer which is (I believe) the reason it slipped later on when I covered the entire thing in white fondant. To help support the weight I stuck in some lollipop sticks that were the appropriate height (after trimming of course). Then I covered it in fondant and decorated it with colored fondant cut into little circles. I topped it off with fake daisy's that I bought at Michaels.

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