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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jim Henson Inspired Crafts

When I first joined Craftser I learned about an awesome thing called swaps. Basically someone comes up with an idea or theme and any one who wants to craft in that theme signs up. Then you are given a partner and you craft for them and they craft for you. Sometimes, one of the partner flakes and someone who spent time and money sends out items only to receive nothing in return. When this happens a call is sent out for Swap Angels. The Swap Angel crafts for the person who received nothing and ships them off a box of goodies. In return they can become a Friend of Craftster (gaining access to certain parts of Craftster that not everyone can get to) or they wipe clean a record of their own flaking in swaps.

Well I really wanted to join a swap only you have to be a member for a certain period of time before they let you. While biding my time I decided to become a Swap Angel. The one that was available was a Jim Henson swap. So I went for it. And I really enjoyed it. I loved and love trying to come up with something that is perfect for someone. I also liked being able to craft in a themed area.

The first thing I made was a "The Dark Crystal" box. I found a book box at Michael's and painted it and then modge podged scrapbook paper and a picture from "The Dark Crystal" to it. And I believe I lined the inside with felt. Unfortunately, the pictures don't do it justice. It looked way better in person.

Next I embellished a t shirt. The quote is a favorite quote of the lady who I was making the gifts for (it's from the Muppet Movie and I think Kermit says it). It was pretty funny and I thought it would go great on a shirt (though it was a little long) and be a simple quick project. Boy was I wrong. I ended up having to cut around each letter (using an exacto knife for the o's,,d's, a's and other letters like that). What a pain. Still it turned out cute so it was all worth it.

I also made something for her little one. They are craft taggie jingle blocks with Fraggles from "Fraggle Rock" ironed on.

Finally I made her a bandanna bag with a picture of Sir Didymus from "Labyrinth"  ironed on the front. It is made from two bandannas. The pink was intended to simply be a lining, but it is technically reversible (with black polka dot handles for both sides.)

I used a tutorial by that I found on Craftster. It wasn't complete, but it gave me enough info to get started. I love how it turned out, plus it's easy and inexpensive.

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