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Monday, November 8, 2010

Snowman Birthday Party

In January of 2009 my son turned 1. For his party we went with a snowman theme. There were three little ones present: my son (of course), my daughter, and their cousin. So I made them cute little snowman hats.
I measured my children's heads but theirs still ended up slightly too small. They still liked them though. I actually made four but I messed up on the first one and it only got a mouth and nothing else. My daughter called it her ghost. The reason one of them is a snowwoman is because my daughter came in when I was making them and thought hers needed a hair bow. I found the tutorial for them at Family Fun.

We had a dinner of chili and cornbread to start off the party and I decided to make place cards.
So I made a small army of snowmen. They were very simple. Just styrofoam balls, ribbon, pipe cleaners, white pom poms, pins and beads. The tutorial for making them is from Free Kids Crafts. I modified it slightly. Instead of just pinning on the eyes I glued them and I got rid of the arms and song book.

Finally we have the cakes. First I made my son a smash cake.
It's a snowball. White frosting with crystal sprinkles.  He really loves to eat so I thought he would tear right into it. However, he ate a lot of the dinner, so he wasn't so hungry for dessert. He did make a semi mess though. (Later, after the presents were open he snuck back into the kitchen and devoured somebody's piece of cake that had been left down. Then he made a real mess.)

The cake for everyone else was, of course, a snowman cake.

I got the idea from Cake Central's cake galleries. I modified it of course to fit what I wanted. The snowman is made from styrofoam balls covered in frosting. His eyes and buttons are chocolate chips and his nose is an orange M&M. His scarf are three pipe cleaners and his hat his made from ribbon with some white pom poms.
The cake itself is simply white boxed cake with a little bit of almond extract and some aqua blue food coloring gel.

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