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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glasses Case

"My husband has to wear glasses, but only for driving. So he always leaves them in the car. He just kept them on the drive shaft and so if I was driving and turned a corner they'd go flying off. This caused them to break and so he had to get new ones. Since glasses aren't cheap I didn't want his new ones to break, so I made him this case to keep his glasses in. I put stick on velcro on the back and stuck it up on the roof of our car. Hopefully this will solve the problem."

This was my original post from February of 2009. What I know now that I didn't back then:

The glue from the stick on velcro will melt when left in a hot hot car. In other words: total failure as the case soon fell off and refused to stay on.

So the glasses have gone back to the drive shaft and the case isn't used at all.

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